Complete Measurement Guide   


You Need  

  1. A Fabric Tape Measure  

  1. Ten to twenty minutes.  


It would help if  

  1. You had assistance from a friend when measuring (although the majority of the measurements can easily be self-taken, we have found the process to be faster if you have someone readily available to assist you.  In addition, if you  would rather use a local tailor or seamstress, please email us to schedule an mobile appointment with one of our professionals or we can issue a refund of up to $20 in the form of store credit ).  

  1. You wore a good fitting dress-shirt and slacks.  If you do not have these items, any form- 

fitting clothing will suffice (to include a t-shirt and boxers).  No jeans and empty your pockets!    


About Measuring  

  • When taking measurements the tape should be held flat against the body; it should be held snug enough so not droop, but never so tight as to feel restrictive.  

  • All measurements should be taken to the nearest quarter (.25) inch.  

  • Do not add wiggle room to your measurements.  We will adjust the fit based off of your selected preferences and build. All measurements are “skin measurements”.  


How to Submit this Information  

  • Email it directly to us with your order number at  

  • Email a scanned copy of the summary page to  

  • Give us a call and submit your information over the phone.  


Contact Us  

Contact us at 405-336-1172 (Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM CST) or email us at    






  • Measure around your neck at the height where your collar, if buttoned, would be.  

  • This measurement should be taken along the lower section of the neck, below your Adams Apple and above your Sternal Notch.   

  • The tape should be comfortably touching the skin, with enough room so that you do not feel restricted.   






Full Chest  

  • Measure around the chest and body at its fullest part (typically right under the armpits and shoulder blades, right across the nipples).    

  • Hold the tape against the body tight enough so that it does not slip down, but not so tight that it restricts breathing.  It should be “snug”.  

  • Make sure the tape is horizontal and the person's arms are by their side; then take a normal breath and measure.     

  • Do not puff out your chest  

  • Double check this measurement.  




sholdermesedit.pngFull Shoulder Width  

  • Measure from the end of the right shoulder to the end of the left shoulder.  

  • We define the “End of the Shoulder” as where the horizontal plane of the shoulder intersects the vertical plane of the arm or where the bone ends(see illustration).   

  • Double check measurement.   







Right & left Sleeve   

  • Measure from the end of the right shoulder to the “Pinch” of the right hand.  

  • The “Pinch” of the hand is found where the base of the thumb and the base of the index finger intersect (approximately 1 inch above the index finger knuckle).   

  • Double check this measurement.

  • Repeat on opposite side